Now It’s Your Turn

Punchline to an old joke, but probably appropriate here. See, I had an interesting night not too long ago. And by “interesting” I mean it was to me, so I’m going to talk about it here.

 I had one of those cliché dreams where you’re going back to school. No, I didn’t forget I had a class until time for the final or have to give a speech naked. It wasn’t quite that clichéd.  Apparently I was going to a private college with communal dorms, and your dorm group (housemates?) bought food as a group and took turns cooking. A little odd and outside my experience, but ok. Then, in the middle of the school term while I’m sure I had other things to do, I went to Hell. Literally. Not sure why. I don’t remember the death experience in the dream. I’m not even sure there was one, but there I was in Hell, not having a good time. The Devil was being about what you’d expect him to be, punishing people, and once fighting off a challenge from a rival god (not the God. A god). Then I was back in school, but I wasn’t out of Hell (“Why,this is Hell. Nor am I out of it.” – Faust) More like a furlough. See, being in Hell was no excuse for missing your turn cooking, so there I was, fresh out of Hell and back in the dorm trying to make pancakes. Problem was, being in Hell had screwed up my sense of temperature, so I kept burning them.

Then back in Hell. Where I found out it was someone ELSE’s turn to be the Devil. Apparently, we were all taking turns there, too. As above, so below. Wonder how they were managing in Heaven?


One thought on “Now It’s Your Turn

  1. Living in a dormitory was quite enough Hell for me, all day every day! I am basically cut out to live in a cave and sit cross-legged in the moonlight, composing poems, I think!

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