Have You Seen Me?

You don’t know me. That’s not a complaint, just a statement of probability. I’m a fantasy writer who has been traditionally published for more than seventeen years, mostly short stories, novellas, and collections of those stories plus one novel. (Asimov’s SF, Realms of Fantasy, Weird Tales, Tor.com, and such). My first short story collection (The Ogre’s Wife) was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award. My work’s been more than favorably reviewed in places like Publisher’s Weekly, BookList, Locus, and Library Journal, among others.

Bragging much? Well, no, it’s more of an explanation. See, even with all of the above going for me, I understand that it means bupkis. Any reader who stumbles across my paper books or Kindle/Nook titles isn’t going to know who I am or have any immediate reason to care. In terms of name recognition, I’m no different than any random beginner. So this is my chance to say hello, nice to meet you. Let’s get acquainted.

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