Things That Go Bump–Live!

The event’s in full paranormal swing. I’m talking about books and Carol’s drawing my aura. Apparently, I have a lot of red surrounding me today. That’s energy, which I do need. I’m on. It takes a lot to be personable when that doesn’t come naturally. But it’s a friendly crowd here at Vicksburg Library, and we’re rolling with the fun.

People are almost more interested in the eBooks than the actual paper ones. Feel the paradigm shift? I sure do.

Edited to Add (since live blogging wasn’t practical):

Had a great time. Sold a number of books, met people, said hello to people I already knew, and generally mingled. Carol’s aura readings were a huge hit, and between us (though mostly her) we raised $239 for CAPS, the Vicksburg chapter of the Child Abuse Prevention Center. I’d call it a good day.

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