Public Service Announcement

Well, ok. I consider it a PSA. You might not, but it’s my blog, so there. To cut to the chase, PS Publishing is having a sale. They’re clearing out the almost-but-not-quite-gone items in stock, and that includes a few (a very few) of the regular signed hardcover of Hereafter, and After, including the lovely introduction by Andy Duncan. Once these are gone, that’s it. They’re selling them for 6.99L, which is around $11.18 USD. They originally sold for $40, so if someone would prefer the hc to the ebook edition, now is pretty much your last and best chance, because I can guarantee that the dealers won’t let it go for that.

Ok, besides me, they also have books by Jeff Ford, Chris Roberson, Tim Lebbon, and Joe Hill, among others on the sale page. And I’ll tell you something else–I looked at the sale page yesterday, and I looked at the sale page today. Guess what? It was a LOT shorter. They’re going fast.

Just sayin’.