In Which I Am a Raving Idjit

Pardon my silence of the last few days. In addition to some long-delayed DIY projects for the household, I’ve been nursing my poor computer back to health after a serious system crash. Nothing lost but a few games I didn’t need in the first place, though I will have to key in the data from last year’s tax return. Could have been a lot worse.

Of course, I made it worse than it had to be. For the last two days off and on I’ve been trying to track down a really nasty humm/hiss in my PC’s audio playback, with no success. It was  maddening. Drivers up to date, mixer settings apparently correct, digital sound configured…but it was still hissing like a pit of snakes on espresso. Keep in mind, my day job is computer/network support. And I couldn’t even correct what should have been a relatively  minor audio glitch compared to the system crash?

To make a long story short, I’d left the #$@# headset mic on. I wasn’t using it, I never do, but it was taking input in the form of electronic hissing. Nor did I figure it out like a good tech, I just stumbled across it when looking at the mixer settings for umpteenth time.

Gad. Sometimes I think I’ve got a decent handle on things. At other times I think I’m just not all that bright. This is one for the second category. Tomorrow, maybe, I’ll put an actual post together. It could happen.