Scenes From a Marriage

Scene: a man and a woman repairing a plain board fence. The rails have been installed and they’re mounting the boards. The boards are rough pine, six feet long and five inches wide. The man is using a brad nailer to tack the boards on temporarily until they can be nailed properly. The woman is using a shim to set the gap in the boards and  check position before the man tacks them down. There is, however, a delay in the process.

Man: What are you doing?

Woman: (Holding a fence board and turning it this way and that). “Checking, of course.”

Man: Checking? What for?

Woman: To find the prettiest side, of course.

Man: The prettiest…? They’re just plain pine boards

Woman: That doesn’t mean that both sides are the same. Just look at this grain!

Man: Ummm. It’s very nice?

Woman: (Holding up the board) Which side do you like best?

Man: Whichever side you want.

Woman: Meaning it isn’t important to you.

Man (sensing danger): I didn’t say that. You just have a better design sense than I do.

Woman: True.

Man: Carry on.

Woman: I intend to. Now hold this one up on the rail so I can look at it. Hmmm.

Man: Other side?

Woman: (nods) Other side.

Fade out.