Deck the Truck with “Hello Kitty!”

Among the more obvious loot (argyle socks (traditional), an umbrella with the handle of a katana, rc helicopter), my wife got me a “Hello Kitty” steering wheel cover for my truck. The really funny thing was, she got me this one to replace the one that had worn out. My wife has an odd sense of humor, and she got me the first one as a joke, and was a little surprised when I called her bluff and used it. So in Mississippi, the heart of the redneck belt, I had the only light truck in the state with a pink “Hello Kitty” steering wheel cover. I used it until the thing fell to shreds.

And nobody ever said a darn thing about it.

So now I have a new one, which I plan to display proudly until it in turn falls to tatters, or the truck does. Even money on that one.

So happy holidays, everyone! May your days be full of joy and delightful incongruity.