I Think “Gobsmacked” Just About Covers It

I’m not British, but I’ve always liked that word. It’s both vivd and precise about the condition it’s describing. So at the risk of sounding a bit affected, I will admit that I am completely gobsmacked to learn that The Heavenly Fox is a finalist for the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in the Adult Literature category.

Yep. Gobsmacked.

7 thoughts on “I Think “Gobsmacked” Just About Covers It

  1. Dear Mr. Parks, congratulations on The Heavenly Fox being nominated as a finalist for the Adult Literature award. I am the Mythopoeic Awards Administrator and had been trying to you via your publisher. My email address is below; if you would be so kind as to give me your preferred email address, I will share the details with you about our conference and the awards. Again, congratulations on this achievement. Best wishes, David Oberhelman

  2. Huge, huge waves of ovations and kudoes and garlands of victory to you, Richard! We are gob-smacked on your behalf!

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