Scenes From a Marriage #5

Mrs. Ogre comes home to find me having a philosophical disagreement with the radio.

She: Who were you talking to?

Me: A comic on the radio. I had a disagreement with something I heard.

She: He can’t hear you. Besides, why listen to the comedy channel if you’re going to get upset?

Me: I always listen to the comedy channels when I’m balancing the checkbook. It helps.

She: Helps how?

Me: Reminds me that there is, somewhere, some joy in the world.

She: Just not in our finances. I did notice that you are not smiling.

Me: Not smiling, no.

She: Then it’s not working, is it?

Me: Sure it is.

She: How?

Me: The checkbook balanced.

She: Wouldn’t it have done that no matter what you were listening to?

Me: Sure.

She: Then why comedy?

Me: I said it would have balanced either way, but comedy is what tells me to believe it when it happens.