Wonder if He Got to Hear the Speech?

 It seems a William Park(e)s was an archer in the contingent of Edward, Duke of York during two of Henry V’s French Adventures. That’s right. Two. Meaning he must have survived the first one, then went back.  I mean, sure, that was interesting to know, but then I went to the San Antonio Worldcon back in 1997 and discovered that there was also a William Parks at the Alamo.

Before now I only had my own example to go by, but now it occurs to me that common sense just may not run in this family.

4 thoughts on “Wonder if He Got to Hear the Speech?

  1. this day shall ne’er go by but we in it shall be remembered [for our utter lack of common sense compared to] the gentlemen in England now abed… THAT speech? 🙂

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