One Step Closer

SigningSheetImage2They have arrived. The signing sheets for the PS Publishing edition of To Break the Demon Gate, that is. There will actually be two PS editions: a 100 copy signed edition, and an unsigned edition of maybe 3-5 hundred. I will have to sign more than 100 copies of the sheet, of course. They always allow a little for spoilage and the fact that people can get really sloppy with their signatures. They’ll pick the 100 best ones and use those for the books. So if you get one and are shocked by my horrible handwriting, just consider–this is the best I could do.

To acknowledge this festive (for me, anyway) occasion, I’ve decided to put a few of my Kindle(r) books on sale. For the time being, All The Gates of Hell, The Heavenly Fox, and The Ghost War are now at $0.99, down from $2.99 and $3.99. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep them there. Probably not long–I feel so cheap when I do this, so if you’re going to take advantage of me, now’s the time.

Edited to add: And I’ve thrown in a few more, what the heck. You can see which ones by going to the Kindle List.

8 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. Apparently, I suck at fan-boying. I missed a few of these and had to go back and buy them now.

  2. After reading some of your stories in BCS I bought and loved Yamada last year and had been meaning to buy some more of your work but was unsure whether to wait for the Yamada novel or just get one of your existing books. Then I was unsure which to pick if I did that. As your prices dropped so low I just basically bought all of them. Now just need to decide which to read first…

    • Thanks. If you’re fond of the Yamada stories, you might want to try The Heavenly Fox to start, of the ones I’ve had on sale. It’s a fox-spirit story set in ancient China. Regardless of where you start, let me know how you fared with a non-Yamada story.

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