Goodbye to the Far Horizon (II)

PeavyH2Never mind the writing stuff for a bit. This afternoon I’m saying an official goodbye to my Peavey Horizon II guitar. I wrote about acquiring it some time ago. It was and is a beauty, and one of the most well-made guitars I’ve ever owned, but as space dwindled and what I laughingly refer to as my playing focus started to develop, I realized that ax just wasn’t meant for me as either a guitar student or player. I know I did the right thing, rescuing it from that flea market. I also did the right thing when I sold it, for about four times what I paid for it, to someone who will treat it well and play it as it deserves to be played. I will also point out that the buyer still got a really good deal, even at that multiple. I got it cheap, and so did they.

I “only” have five guitars now, which is really three or four more than I need at this stage of my development, but I’m not giving up any of the others for the forseeable future. Just so you know.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye to the Far Horizon (II)

  1. It didn’t take a lot, fortunately, since I’m no luthier. Just new strings, a cleaning, and replacing one pick guard screw. All the electronics were in good order, so no rewiring needed.

  2. I’m glad to hear it’s got a good new home.

    However, I seem to recall that in you way, you also really enjoyed making it be fully the guitar it should be. 🙂

    Love, C.

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