To Break the Demon Gate – 2nd Incarnation


This arrived yesterday in a big bag labelled “Royal Mail.” Author copies of To Break the Demon Gate, from PS Publishing. This is the limited edition. It’s a little unusual to have both the trade and limited edition of a new novel out at the same time, but that’s how it worked out. So we have a lovely hardcopy edition, a lovely signed and numbered hardcopy edition, and a colorful trade edition, in both print and ebook, and available in the usual places and B&N.

I have to say it’s a good time to be a reader. Options galore.

2 thoughts on “To Break the Demon Gate – 2nd Incarnation

  1. Thanks, Jeff. Sorry about the injury and hope you have a good PT. A bad one is worse than not doing it.

    Houston remains a possibility.

  2. Good Cover. Am glad that your getting so many things published, truly.

    I had new surgery a few weeks ago – torn meniscus, which is not that unusual as one gets older. Doing PT now. Apparently my IT band is really tight, more so on the side that did not have surgery…

    Have you found another place to work yet? I don’t like Houston much – we actually live outside it, but its growing. (I am not much a fan of cities). Howeverr, there are a lot of places of employment, especially oil related. And since you have been doing computer support you likely won’t much of a problem finding one.


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