The Blood Red Scarf

The Blood Red ScarfI’ve always been fond of this short novel. I got to explore an area of folklore and myth that I don’t usually deal with. Or as a wise person once said, “Sometimes you have to let your dark side out to play.” And I did. I’m putting the Kindle edition on sale for the next two days, for .99, or about as much as I’d charge for a short story. It’s a deal.
The Blood Red Scarf


8 thoughts on “The Blood Red Scarf

  1. Is this novel and your others available in a print on demand version….i still hate e-readers…

    • Most of them are, either in POD or the publisher’s edition, but I’m afraid not this one. TBRS is a fairly short novel, which pushes the cost per page up a bit for POD. I’d have to charge more than the market would likely bear to put that one into print. Which is a shame, since I know not everyone can or will do ebook.

  2. OK – I’ll order BUT before I start reading can you let me know if it is very dark – AS I’m a complete cream puff and don’t handle violence well….

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