This Too, Shall Pass

Offie-DisarrayThough I am starting to wonder if it’s going to take us with it. Amazing how much crap you accumulate without quite realizing it. And then you have to decide if you still want/need/want  a particular piece of crap or can let it go. And even when you’ve decided, the logistics of either keeping or letting go start to shade over into something close enough to frickin’ crazy.

I was supposed to meet Carol for lunch today, but instead I’m meeting a rep from the estate sale lady to see if there’s any way she can help us pare down. The thing is, we (and by we I mean Carol) have good taste, so even our junk isn’t something we can in good conscience simply discard. We either have to sell or donate to charity anything we’re not taking with us. And it was a lot more than I realized. So new rule–we buy something, we have to get rid of something else. Once we’re settled in NY that may or may not be a problem.

On the good news department, B&N will be carrying the new Yamada book just as they did the first two, so in a couple of weeks you’ll be able to get it there. Still a good idea to pre-order, since a lot of the stores ran out last time. It helps the book, too. And yes, there is a typo in the book’s description on B&N’s (and Amazon’s) web site. We’re trying to get it fixed. It’s an obscure one, though, so I wonder how many people will even spot it.