Stay Safe

We often say that because we don’t know what else to say, at times like these. As if the people affected weren’t already doing the best they can under the circumstances. “Is there anything I can do?” is probably more appropriate, even though quite often there isn’t, in the short term. At least it lets people know you care and are thinking about them. And maybe, if not now then perhaps soon, there will be something you can do.

I have both friends and family in Texas and Hurricane  Harvey is turning into a Katrina-class event, especially in the Houston area. I remember Katrina. We were over a hundred miles inland and still got hammered, New Orleans was mostly under water, and the I-55 corridor was packed with people fleeing north. A lot of them never got to go home. If Harvey is even half as bad, it’s more than bad enough.

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Stay Safe

  1. It’s bad. Some roads have washer out. Stores are closed. Long lines at the two closest grocery stores to get in. They have limited staffordable and will be open 6 Hours today.  Good they opened at all as many people don’t stick food and water at home, even though it’s recommended people have emergenCy supplies. Highways are closed and anything near a  river or ba you [creeks to northern types] I’d either flooded now or expected to be.  Projected crest of the Brazos is 59 feet, which is about 4 feet over the record. And that is without including the flood gates opening in the reservoirs which they just announced wI’ll occur. Our house is dry and has power. One of Faith’S coworkers is on the way over as their house is supposed to flood. Harvey us supposed to come over Houston Wed. Heaviest rain bands will be to the east of the center. So far we have received over 25 inches of rain, which continues to fall and will through Friday, although we hope it’s not as heavy.

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    • It’s sounding more and more like Katrina all the time. Again, the problem wasn’t the wind as such, it was the water that came with it.

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