An Accident, I Swear

I have managed to break my glasses, a feat I had not attained since childhood. Dropped? Of course. Scratched? Absolutely. Had a screw loose? In glasses and in life, both. But broken? Nope.

It was way too easy when I was a kid, and it was probably only the support of our extended family that kept my mother from going bankrupt keeping me in eyeware. I think my most notable achievement was breaking a new pair of glasses the same bloody day I got them. All by accident, of course. Get hit in the head with a basketball, shoot out a lens with a BB gun (you’ll shoot your eye out! Nope. Just the lens), face plant in a game of touch football. As I said, easy.

Not so much when you’re an alleged adult. Now it takes more effort. Last Tuesday I had returned from physical therapy, which is another whole story. Sciatica. I has it. Didn’t even know what sciatica was, other than a reference in Harlan Ellison’s classic, “Working With the Little People.” Hoo, boy. Now I know why Charlie the Gremlin was so damn grumpy, but I digress. Hobbled up the steps toward the back patio, tripped and did a faceplant into the concrete. As to the damage to my face, let’s just say it left a mark. Or three. More importantly, I did a number on my glasses.

So now I’m typing this supported only by the vision my genetics and a bad case of measles left me. My new glasses are on order. Maybe when they get here I’ll be able to see clearly again. Which would be nice, since I don’t think I’ve ever seen all that clearly before now.

Hey, a guy can dream.

6 thoughts on “An Accident, I Swear

  1. It’s going ’round. El V broke his the day before yesterday. Fortunately they got fixed yesterday.

    BTW, DM went down this week, due all the reasons of upgrades and incompatibility. Splendid, generous Nic gave we few the Christmas gift of fixing it.

    Love, c.

    • Got my new main pair yesterday, and can pick up my single vision today if I have time (two appointments to keep). Nice to hear from you, Terry!

  2. You have my sympathy. Pain is not good; hope the sciatica and face both get better.
    I’m fortunate in being able to read without glasses.. can’t drive without them. I’m old enough to have drawers full of old glasses. When mine break/pop a lens I manage with an old pair while the latest are repaired.

    • Lost all my old ones in the move, not that I had many. Fortunately I’m not completely blind without them. Just fuzzier than than is seemly.

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