No Place to Go, But Things to Do

I’ve been taking advantage of the (relative) downtime to catch up on some old projects while in among the new. Some slight revisions to older works, but mostly putting out new paperback editions for those that didn’t have them. For instance:

The Collected Tymon the Black, The Heavenly Fox, Hereafter, and After, and In the Palace of the Jade Lion all now have paperback editions. This is the second print edition of The Heavenly Fox, which hasn’t had one since its original PS Publishing limited edition hardback sold out ages ago. Likewise for Hereafter, and After. And, of course, the other two were ebook originals and never had a print edition to start with. Until now. Ebooks are still cheaper since production costs figure in more with, you know, a physical product. But for those who prefer paper, now’s your chance.

2 thoughts on “No Place to Go, But Things to Do

  1. Are any of these paperbacks “slightly revised” or do they contain the original texts? If they have been revised, are you planning to do the same sort of updating for the ebooks?

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