Democracy on a Rainy Day

Back from early voting in NY (the state, not the city). Not the absolute earliest we could have voted, but something positive to do on an otherwise completely miserable day. Since it was the third day of the start of early voting, the lines weren’t very long. Though the place was still busy. The poll workers got everyone moved through fairly efficiently, which helped.

No rainbows spotted. No sun. Maybe there will be a rainbow waiting at the end of it all. I guess we’ll know before very long.

On a completely unrelated note, I have to confess I have messed up yet again. I promised to do a manual price change on The Long Look to make up for the fact that the first price reduction only worked for readers in the US and UK.

Well, I can’t. At least, not yet. Azon doesn’t allow price changes for two weeks after a promotion. It will be done, just not as soon as I wanted. One more week. Then, of course, it’ll be the same low price for all markets, likely starting on “official” US election day and extending another week.

I’ll get this right eventually. I hope the American people do, too.