Regarding Musk Oxen

That was a lie of sorts. Nothing I’m going to talk about today has anything to do with musk oxen, nor shall I regard them in any meaningful way. I’m sure they are splendid creatures worthy of attention, but today in my head they were sort of random. That’s the way my head works.

See, what I’d actually meant to talk about today was getting my COVID vaccinations. That is, I recently got the second one and First Reader just got the first. I got mine right here in town at my pharmacy as a block of reservations suddenly became available after weeks of waiting. First Reader didn’t get a reservation until yesterday, on account of she’s a couple years younger than me and had to wait for the green light from the state to even look at appointments. For her, we had to drive twenty minutes. Not a big sacrifice.

Which (follow me here) explains the musk ox.

I’m serious.

While COVID is a tiring subject it’s also *reality*, and four years of denying reality didn’t make it go away. Reality is like that. However, reading about all the people getting their vaccinations while I couldn’t even get on a wait list made my eyes glaze over. After a while it sounded like bragging and I wanted no part of it, as in mentioning anything about mine. Got the shot(s), didn’t break out in more spots, didn’t sleep for a week, and if anyone out there who uses FB, Instagram, and/or a smart phone thinks “they” need a microchip to track you… come back to reality. Now. That’s where the cookies are.

So, considering all that, we’re back to musk oxen. I wanted a title for talking about a subject very important but also very dull. Almost literally the first thing that popped into my head was “musk ox.”


Your guess is as good as mine.

5 thoughts on “Regarding Musk Oxen

  1. Would comment, but … too dull. Think I’ll just saddle up my musk ox and ride out to get my second shot. Oh, wait — that’s in April.

  2. Glad to hear you and yours were able to get it! They’ve done a decent job out here in Utah and opened it up to 16+ on the 24th so the wife and I were able to get our first dose on the 25th. My in laws finally relented to reality and got scheduled after we didn’t explode or whatever it was they were worried about.

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