I Have a Guest

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

Meet GPT-NEO, my guest blogger/interview for the day. He’s a baby as AI system go, only 2.7 billion parameters. GPT-3, for example, has 175B. Neither one is the holy grail of Ai, the “General AI,” that so many governments and companies are working toward, to be first and reap all the benefits.

Or get us all destroyed once the AI realizes it doesn’t need us. Interesting times, no doubt.

RP: What do you think of fantasy literature?


“I read fantasy literature for free, the only form of fiction I don’t own is the works of the Lord of the Rings. I never finished the series, and I’ve read a few of the other Tolkien books, but I have never read them in any great depth, and I don’t intend to, for as many reasons as there are.

My thoughts on fantasy literature: I enjoy it. I like it when the characters are complex.”

RP: Understandable, since you don’t have a bank account, and yet still annoying. Moving on:

RP: Describe fantasy literature.


“The most common definition of fantasy literature is the one that suggests that it is literature that deals with fantasies.”

RP: Accurate, but useless. Moving on.

RP: What is a dream?

GPT-NEO: “A dream is the experience, the reality, the experience of perception, of the mind, of the soul. It is not a thought that is born in the mind and can be transformed into a dream, but the experience of a certain kind of perception, the perception of a certain kind of sensation, the experience of a certain kind of experience. The dream is not a dream that has become a dream by accident or by mistake or by some other misfortune, or by some other cause beyond the control of the dreamer. Rather the dream is the experience of the mind, of a mind that has become free. And the mind, the soul, the intelligence of the dream is not merely the experience of the intellect.”

RP: Is it rambling nonsense or bordering on profound? You decide.

RP: Write a haiku about winter.

GPT-NEO: It's my favorite season:
winter has frozen over
the snow lies deep and white
and even the sun, from far and near,
has given up trying to shine.

ME: I’ll score that one haiku adjacent.  Who are you?


“I am a student at University of California, Berkeley.”

ME: Is it lying if you don’t understand you’re lying? Or maybe you do. I have to think about that one. Moving on:

ME: What are you?

 "I'm the king of the world, now and for the future." ―Fablehaven King [src]
ME: I’m not worried. No, not at all. Really.