Who Knew?

Apparently I’m a vampire.

I mean, I should have expected it, right? Tendency to be more active and alert at night, which I just ascribed to being a writer. We’re known for keeping odd hours, but if I can stay up all night and sleep all day, I’m a happy guy. Never been quite able to manage it, but now I have an excuse to try harder.

Well, a temporary one, anyway.

Apparently, I have Baker’s Knee. Nothing to do with baking, which I only do on impulse, quelled usually by the ungodly results, so that’s likely a good thing. Anyway, Baker’s Knee is a “popliteal cyst” behind the knee, a buildup of synoval fluid caused by injury to the knee, blood clots, or arthritis. Not a blood clot, but otherwise no clue what caused this one. Anyway, twisted my ankle slightly on the stairs, which twisted the knee, which ruptured the cyst.

Leg swelled up to almost twice its normal size. Dopey me, I just lived with it for about five days, finally gave up and saw medical people, where it was diagnosed and confirmed not caused by a blood clot. Immediately got put on antibiotics because the ruptured cyst caused an infection.

Doing better, but one side effect of the medication is I have to avoid sunlight for the next week if I don’t want to turn into a pile of ashes. Or maybe just get a rash.

I’m going with vampire. Even if the sight of blood makes me woozy.

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  1. My best wishes for your recovery, and for not bursting into flame when exposed to the sun.

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