For Whom the Bell Tolls

It snowed in bands yesterday all day. That is, we’d have 20-30 minutes of bright sunshine followed by the same of either snow or sleet. Tonight they’re predicting an actual snowstorm, maybe 5-11 inches. None of yesterday’s snow stuck because, well, April. After tonight, we’ll see.

My uncle Jimmy’s service is today, and I won’t be able to attend. He passed away in the wee hours of Thursday morning. He must have been in his eighties by then but he never seemed old to me. He was the “fun uncle,” to borrow the term from “the fun aunt.”(Not to be confused with the “funny uncle,” which is another thing entirely). Always a bit of a kid himself. (Our aunt loved to tell the story of the neighborhood kids coming around and asking if “Jimmy could come out and play.”) Always looked forward to my aunt and uncle visiting when I was growing up. Uncle Jimmy usually found interesting and fun things to do when he wasn’t off hunting or whatnot. He could even make chores less of a trial, though an incident with a botched dismount from a Tarzan swing once left me with two sprained wrists. It was worth the price.

Also, my father’s second wife passed away last week. We had…a complicated relationship, to the extent that we had one at all…mostly when I lived with them briefly while attending Jr. College before Southern. Interesting times.

No need for condolences, or rather I’m not the one who needs them. Or to again fall back on the wisdom of Captain Cloud:

“Time’s a trip, man.”

Even if it is one-way.

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