Alarums and Excursions

Buttlermilk Falls

I’d heard of this falls pretty soon after we moved here. With First Reader’s mobility issues and then Covid and then…well, it took a while. But after a new knee and some instructions from friends, we finally found it. Buttermilk Falls, which I presume is so named because of the whitewater effect. It’s quite beautiful, but this was as close as we could get without crossing the creek, which was at high water and rushing a bit itself. When we first arrived I assumed the roar I heard was from the falls, but no. The creek dives underground about 100 yards from the falls, and I have no idea where it comes out. No bridge, of course. We plan to come back later when the creek is tamer. I’d definitely like to get closer to the falls.

My plant ID app got a workout there and back. I’m more familiar with the undergrowth down south, but a lot of the native plants here are still strange to me. Let’s see…Canadian Nettle, White Snakeroot, Common Burdock, Black Ash, White Ash, American Linden, Red Oak. A nice walk through nature, and I hadn’t been in the woods (any woods) in a long time.

Today was primary day, and oddly enough, the first primary I’ve ever voted in. I’ve been a registered Independent for most of my voting life, but finally had to put my smug aloofness away and pick a side. Cruel Fascism or Flawed Democracy. Hardly a choice at all.