Mulling It Over

As the giveaway promotion for The Long Look draws to a close, it’s really too soon to draw any solid conclusions, especially the main one: Are they worth it? It’s something I admit to curiosity about, and in a few days maybe I’ll have the perspective to draw a more solid conclusion.

As you can guess, free books aren’t scored quite the same as bought books; they’re kept on a separate list. Even so, in that list TLL rose to the second overall position in the Action and Adventure category, and broke the top ten in a couple of others. The cumulative score for the book dropped below a thousand for the first time…ever (and in the cumulative score, less is definitely more).

So far as the promo goes, I did about as well as I expected to do, perhaps a little better. The idea was to try and get the book before a wider readership, and the promotion at least technically accomplished that. Will it have any long-term effects?

Your guess is as good as mine.

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