Democracy on a Rainy Day

Back from early voting in NY (the state, not the city). Not the absolute earliest we could have voted, but something positive to do on an otherwise completely miserable day. Since it was the third day of the start of early voting, the lines weren’t very long. Though the place was still busy. The poll workers got everyone moved through fairly efficiently, which helped.

No rainbows spotted. No sun. Maybe there will be a rainbow waiting at the end of it all. I guess we’ll know before very long.

On a completely unrelated note, I have to confess I have messed up yet again. I promised to do a manual price change on The Long Look to make up for the fact that the first price reduction only worked for readers in the US and UK.

Well, I can’t. At least, not yet. Azon doesn’t allow price changes for two weeks after a promotion. It will be done, just not as soon as I wanted. One more week. Then, of course, it’ll be the same low price for all markets, likely starting on “official” US election day and extending another week.

I’ll get this right eventually. I hope the American people do, too.

The Bread Also Rises

In case it’s not clear from the reference and the cooling rack, that’s a rustic round (sort of) loaf of bread. Nothing to do with Covid; I was baking bread long before the lockdown. I’m especially proud of a version of foccia I do now and then. This one? So-So. Edible and all that, but would have been happier with a little more rise.

Which brings me to my second subject: I don’t know what I’m doing, when it comes to bread, and by extension, a lot of other things. My bread-making I owe as much to poor impulse control as wanting to probe the mystery that is bread. I get the impulse to try something new, and I do, and learn a bit, but seldom put in the time, concentration and focus required for real mastery. Maybe in a week or two I’ll try again. Maybe it’ll come out better, but I wouldn’t count on it. Otoh, if I need to write a scene involving bread-making, I’ll likely get that right. Nothing’s really wasted.

So how is bread-making like a price promotion? Same principles apply. As of today, there’s a Countdown deal running on The Long Look. I dropped the price to .99c until Wednesday. A separate Countdown Deal starts for the second book in the series, Black Kath’s Daughter, on Tuesday. I had intended the deals to be available everywhere, only that’s not how these things work, as a correspondent in Australia brought to my attention. US and UK only. So after the deals run (ending Sunday for BKD) I’ll do a manual price adjustment for the next week so anyone else can take advantage. Slight whoops, and could have been prevented if I’d paid better attention.

Just as I could have gotten a better rise in the bread if I’d been more careful in the second proof.

No Place to Go, But Things to Do

I’ve been taking advantage of the (relative) downtime to catch up on some old projects while in among the new. Some slight revisions to older works, but mostly putting out new paperback editions for those that didn’t have them. For instance:

The Collected Tymon the Black, The Heavenly Fox, Hereafter, and After, and In the Palace of the Jade Lion all now have paperback editions. This is the second print edition of The Heavenly Fox, which hasn’t had one since its original PS Publishing limited edition hardback sold out ages ago. Likewise for Hereafter, and After. And, of course, the other two were ebook originals and never had a print edition to start with. Until now. Ebooks are still cheaper since production costs figure in more with, you know, a physical product. But for those who prefer paper, now’s your chance.

Fairy Tale Flash

I was able to complete a side project I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Tales From the Black Dog was the first, though only the lovely folk on my email list can see that one. Regardless, as I’ve written more flash fiction over the last few years I’ve noticed certain themes emerge. Not too surprising that many of them were twisted takes on traditional fairy tales…not to mention new ones, the kind of things I often did for the late and still lamented Realms of Fantasy magazine, Shawna McCarthy editing. The flash writing group has given me an outlet for that sort of thing which otherwise doesn’t exist at the moment. Maybe one day. But until then, I have to take care of business myself.

All of which is a roundabout way of saying I’ve put together another collection of my flash fiction, Fairy Tale Flash: Fractured Fables Old and New. It’s available on Amazon at the moment. The Apple Books and Kobo and Nook editions take longer to get through the system. I’ll make those links available as soon as I have them.

There are 21 stories total, 500 words each…oh heck, I’ll do the math: just under 11000 words total. And I used to think telling a story in 1500 words or fewer was hard.

Well, okay. It is. Writing anything well is hard. But I will say it does teach one to cut to the chase…even more than I thought I already knew.

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