ReReading Vs ReWatching – It Isn’t the Same Thing

Unless you’re one of the people to whom the Grand Design was handed on a platter, “meaning” is where you find it. And when one is in that particular karmic space, one finds the strangest things to puzzle over. For instance, I’ve been going around and around over possibly the stupidest, least consequential questions in all creation: why do I have no problem re-reading an old story series but balk at watching re-runs?

It’s not that I can’t watch re-runs. I’ll catch an occasional Buffy episode, or ancient “I Love Lucy” at opportunity, but I don’t seek them out, even when easily available. Small doses, that’s it. Anything else and I start twitching and looking for something else to do. It doesn’t matter if it’s a show I liked or not. It doesn’t matter if it’s a program I watched religiously, though there aren’t many of those. Yet this only applies to fictional/story series. I can rewatch old Mythbusters episodes in marathons, no problem. Yet when Mrs. Ogre, who loved loved loved  the tv series “Ugly Betty,” discovered the station that was re-running them and became glued to the screen, I had to go do something else. Just about anything else.

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