Continuing Education

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I’ve talked about my serial obsessions a little bit here. This isn’t quite that, but somewhat related. I just started an online course in programming microcontrollers. Not that I plan to put the cat on an automatic feeding schedule or program a sensor so we know when to water a plant. So why? It’s not like I’m planning a career change at this point.

The short answer is “because I can.” The longer answer is I need to understand microcontrollers before I take the next course planned, on robotics. Why? Because the subject interests me and I want to know more about it and what more reason does anyone need? Same reason I took a previous course in AI. But don’t worry. The Seventh Law of Power is still progressing. In fact, I’m to the point where Marta is beginning to realize that the Seventh Law is very different from the previous six. Just how different is the crux of the entire book. Since I’ve already figured it out I’m sure she’ll catch on soon. She’s kinda sharp that way.