Scenes From a Marriage

Spouse is enamored of sappy holiday movies this time of year. One was on the tube as I passed by.

Me: Oh, yeah…. Stuart Pankin’s in this movie.

She: I saw his name in the opening credits.

Me: Haven’t seen him for a while…actually, the last time was when he was being the voice of “Earl” in Dinosaurs, so I didn’t see him then. I miss that show.

She: Me too, but I still haven’t seen him.

Me: What do you mean?

She: I know he’s in this movie, but it’s nearly half over and I haven’t seen him yet. Maybe it was a little part and I missed him.

Me: Uh, that’s him right there.

She: There? Where?

Me: Right there. In the shorts and weird shirt.

She (frowning): You mean the old guy??

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