Audible.Com Deal for Yamada Books

Yamada_BTG_cover-V06b-PrimeNow that all the t’s are dotted and eyes crossed, I can announce here that Audible.Com and Prime Books have signed a deal for audio editions of several books in the Prime Books catalogue, including works by Ekaterina Sedia, Rudy Rucker, and the first two Yamada Monogatari books, Demon Hunter and To Break the Demon Gate (due in out in December of this year).

So now there will be audiobook editions of both books in addition to the print and ebook editions. It’s possible that the third in the series, The War God’s Son, will also have an Audible edition, but that’s yet to be determined. The deal was negotiated by Jennifer Jackson for the Donald Maass Agency, and you can read their announcement here. Also, Prime now has pre-order information for To Break the Demon Gate at their site, so now you can select another vendor if you’re avoiding Amazon at the moment. It is, after all, not the only game in town.


Power’s Shadow — Chapter 4, Pt. 5, Concluded

Powers-Shadow-Rough-3At this point I’d be summarizing the summaries, so if you don’t know what’s going on, take a look back at the earlier installments. It’ll all make sense eventually.



Power’s Shadow – Chapter 4, Pt. 5, Conclusion

It appeared that Boranac was in no hurry to supply those answers. Bonetapper and Longfeather appeared at their window periodically to report, but so far neither had been able to discover much. The business of Boranac’s fortress—one could hardly call it a palace—appeared to go on as usual: guards were posted and changed, tradesmen and farmers brought supplies, couriers arrived and departed. Longfeather was the only one with any firsthand knowledge of the normal pace of activity around the Chief of the Five Isles, and he reported that nothing he had seen suggested anything unusual.

“I rather suspected he would hold court and bring you before him, make a show of it,” Longfeather said during one such visit. “He likes spectacle. If that is his plan, he’s in no hurry to implement it. I confess myself puzzled.”

Hold court….

Marta felt a twinge. It was not the sort of thing she might have felt upon touching, however fleetingly, a Law of Power. Yet she had the feeling that what Longfeather had just said might have instead touched upon a hint of what it was that Boranac wanted. Now all she needed to do was to wait. She knew she’d find out soon enough if her hunch was correct.

As things turned out, she didn’t have to wait very long at all. After a discreet knock, the door of their quarters opened and a rather nervous-looking young soldier opened his mouth to speak, but Marta didn’t wait for him.

“Chief Boranac wants to see us,” she said.

“Y-yes. Though I should tell you that he prefers the title ‘King Boranac.’”

Marta barely suppressed a smile. “Does he now? Well, thank you for that information. Shall we go?” Continue reading

Goodbye to the Far Horizon (II)

PeavyH2Never mind the writing stuff for a bit. This afternoon I’m saying an official goodbye to my Peavey Horizon II guitar. I wrote about acquiring it some time ago. It was and is a beauty, and one of the most well-made guitars I’ve ever owned, but as space dwindled and what I laughingly refer to as my playing focus started to develop, I realized that ax just wasn’t meant for me as either a guitar student or player. I know I did the right thing, rescuing it from that flea market. I also did the right thing when I sold it, for about four times what I paid for it, to someone who will treat it well and play it as it deserves to be played. I will also point out that the buyer still got a really good deal, even at that multiple. I got it cheap, and so did they.

I “only” have five guitars now, which is really three or four more than I need at this stage of my development, but I’m not giving up any of the others for the forseeable future. Just so you know.


Power’s Shadow — Chapter 4, Part 4.

Powers-Shadow-Rough-3Mart and Sela enjoy King Boranac’s hospitality. The chapter was longer than I remembered, so this will run five sections rather than four. I’ll post the last section of the chapter next Monday, barring incident.



Power’s Shadow – Part 4


“Seriously, now, what did you expect?” Marta asked.

“Something a bit less dungeon-like would have been nice,” Sela said. “Though I do suppose that was a foolish idea.”

It was true enough that their accommodations were not exactly luxurious by most standards, but other than the bars on the windows and the locked door, there was little to suggest an actual dungeon. For a start, there was no moldy straw, and so far as Marta had seen, no rats. The bed was hard but clean, and there was even a primitive but functional garderobe. She had no trouble imagining that most of Boranac’s “guests” didn’t fare so well.

“This is not a dungeon, and we’re not dead,” Marta pointed out, “And considering Boranac’s reputation, that’s almost surprising.”


“He knows who and what I am. And if he didn’t before, it’s a certainty that Callowyn told him. The fact that we’re here and not rotting on a pole or in an actual dungeon tells me something that I needed to know—Boranac wants something.”

“And what if he hadn’t?”

“Do I really need to answer that? Honestly, Sela…. Yes, I took a chance with both our lives. If you’re accompanying me because you think I’m infallible or even that I always know what I’m doing—“

“I’m accompanying you because I want my father’s swords back,” Sela said. “And, no offense, but I often get the impression you don’t know what you’re doing, though you put on a good show. If Boranac wants something, well, everyone does. Including especially you. What makes these ‘Laws of Power’ so important?”

“You’ve seen the craja,” Marta said softly.

“Yes, but what has – “

“Every craja I’ve ever encountered, and that number is in the hundreds, is a former witch of the Arrow Path.”

Sela didn’t say anything, and after a little while Marta continued, “If I don’t find all the Laws, and learn to use them….”

“You’re afraid you’re going to end up as a craja,” Sela said. “You think amassing power will prevent that from happening.”

“Yes,” Marta said. It felt a little strange to hear that single word, understanding what it meant, but knowing it for truth. Knowing that she was afraid. Continue reading

Yamada Monogatari: To Break the Demon Gate – Update

Yamada_BTG_cover-V06b-PrimeI’ve reviewed and responded to the copyedit of To Break the Demon Gate, my editor at Prime has responded to my response, everything’s approved, and I have a copy of the final text. Bio, dedication, and the Suggested Reading List (end matter) are all turned in. Once the final cover design is completed it’s off to the printers. I don’t anticipate any change to the cover art, but there’s lettering to look at back cover copy and such to lay out, none of which, thank goodness, is up to me. So everything looks good for the December (official) release. There will be review copies of course, probably electronic, but at the moment I don’t know when these will be ready.

I still anticipate the PS Publishing edition to be out before the American edition, I just have no idea when. It may still happen this month, but I have no solid information on that. I’ll be sure to announce as soon as it’s available. I will point out that there will be a few textual differences between the editions, mostly minor, but they won’t be identical, not even counting the differences between American and British usage.