It Ain’t Official Yet, But It’s Real

“When a man carelessly steps in front of a speeding garbage truck, that’s usually the end of his story. For Jake Hallman, that’s just the beginning. He awakens on a metaphorical stretch of the Afterlife called the Golden Road, where the angel Brendan comes to escort him to Heaven. But Jake isn’t having any:

“Heaven sounds like a good thing in theory, but what is it really? What will I do there? Can I leave if I don’t like it? Under what circumstances? Can you force me to go?”

Brendan scratched his head. “I don’t think this has come up before.”

With that simple exchange Jake becomes one of the rarest and most valuable commodities in the Afterlife — a free soul. What’s a free soul to do? That is, if he wants to remain that way?

If you’re Jake Hallman you team up with a disgruntled ex-valkyrie named Freya and hit the Golden Road, the mystic path that links the Heavens and Hells of every mythos, plus a few places even the gods forgot. The unlikely pair join forces on a quest to discover if there really is any place in the cosmos where a spirit can be truly free.”

That’s the Editorial Pitch for my novella Hereafter, and After, which was published in a limited edition from PS Publishing. That edition has since sold out, meaning that now only dealers have it, dealers are asking upwards of $41 for the print edition. Well worth it, in my own humble opinion. However, if you just want to read the story, now there’s the Kindle edition and the Nook Edition for $.99 each. (Technically, the Kindle edition hasn’t “gone live” yet, but the link works)

Don’t say I’m not looking out for you. šŸ™‚