It Ain’t Official Yet, But It’s Real

Did You Really Think You Were Done?“When a man carelessly steps in front of a speeding garbage truck, that’s usually the end of his story. For Jake Hallman, that’s just the beginning. He awakens on a metaphorical stretch of the Afterlife called the Golden Road, where the angel Brendan comes to escort him to Heaven. But Jake isn’t having any:

“Heaven sounds like a good thing in theory, but what is it really? What will I do there? Can I leave if I don’t like it? Under what circumstances? Can you force me to go?”

Brendan scratched his head. “I don’t think this has come up before.” Continue reading

Hereafter, and After

This was my first limited edition. Naturally, I was proud of it, just as I was proud of the novella itself. It got good reviews and made the longlist for the British Fantasy Award (though not a finalist, darnit). As is normal for PS Publishing in the UK, the book was actually done in two separate limited editions–the regular limited (500 copies) signed by me, and the numbered, jacketed hardcover (300 copies) signed by both me and Andy Duncan, who did the introduction. A few weeks ago the numbered edition sold out. Late yesterday the publisher’s web site reported that now the 500 copy edition is also gone. They can still be found through a few dealers, but the publisher no longer has copies.

I’m of course happy about this. No one likes the idea of being the proud author of a limited edition that no one wants. But it’s a little sad, too. Sort of like saying good-bye.