Ghost Trouble: The Casefiles of Eli Mothersbaugh

Pardon the commercial interruption, but I believe that some of you out there might actually want to know this. After several months delay, I’ve finally assembled the complete (and  I do mean complete) collection of the Eli Mothersbaugh Ghost Hunter series in ebook (Nook and Kindle) edition. This includes all seven of the Eli Mothersbaugh stories previously published plus five stories written especially for this edition. And by “especially written” I mean just that. The intent all along was to include these stories as originals in a collection of the Eli Mothersbaugh series, and that’s what I’m doing. I won’t guarantee that there will never be another new EM story after this, but in my mind the series arc is complete, and right now I can’t see writing any more of them. I consider this the definitive edition.

The new stories are: “Muramasa’s Rage,” “Beacons,” “His Hour Upon the Stage,” “Souvenirs,” and “The Missing Ghost.” These stories comprise the final section of the book and “The Missing Ghost” completes the story arc. For those who aren’t familiar with the series, a brief description:

“Eli Mothersbaugh is the top field agent for an under-funded, over-extended government organization known as the Bureau of Bio-Remnant Reconciliation. Set in an alternate near future where the existence of ghosts is an accepted scientific truth, it is Eli’s job to help keep the living and the dead at peace with one another. Eli is physically sensitive to the energy fields that mark a ghost, but unfortunately he discovered his gift before the reality of ghostly manifestations was proven. When his parents, the two people he trusted most, nearly had him committed for psychiatric treatment, Eli was devastated and now makes it his mission to get to the true cause of any tension between the living and the dead, no matter where that truth might be hiding, or where the pursuit of it might lead.”

The Kindle edition is here. I’ll put up a link to the Nook edition once it’s ready.

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