To Grump, or Not to Grump?

I’m fighting the urge to be grumpy. It’s a cold rainy morning and–as usual–I didn’t get nearly enough sleep. Even without such usual provocation there’s plenty to be grumpy about on a daily basis. That’s part of the problem–being grumpy is easy. It’s practically the path of least resistance, the default setting. I remember a George Carlin routine when he wished that, just once, instead of a “nice day” someone would wish him a “crappy day.” “There’s no pressure at all. All you have to do is get up, some mornings.” Too easy, really, and it rapidly gets old. Both to the grumper and the grumpees.

There’s plenty to compain about. There always is. There always will be. Old news, and no point dwelling on it. So I’m thinking of things not so crappy. I’m not out on the street. My lady isn’t completely disgusted with me.  As for the writing, while there are a lot of things in my writing career I’m not satisfied with, things aren’t all bad. For instance, I can write whatever I want and follow whatever serial obsession I’ve fallen into and know there’s a better than decent chance that someone will want to publish it, sooner or later, and even if they don’t, I can do it myself. At this point in my development it’s easy to forget what a big deal that is. When I stop to think about it, that makes me happy.

So how’s by you? What are you happy about right now?

P.S. In some interpretations of the Mayan Calendar, the End of Time is actually today. In which case, maybe I should get my grumps in while I can!