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Saturday,  February 4th, a gang of local and near-local authors held a signing in the new Quisenberry Library in Clinton, Mississippi. I wish I’d been able to get some exterior shots of the building itself, because it’s rather attractive as buildings go, set in a wooded area with a nature/walking trail on the grounds. The problem was that the cold front that should have been here weeks ago finally arrived and dumped buckets of water everywhere and it was pouring rain for most of the afternoon. Not the best of conditions when you want people out and about and coming to such local events, but it wasn’t a bad afternoon despite that.

Glen and Melanie Being Casual

J. Mulvihill Setting Up

As one would expect from a general signing, there was quite a range of subject matter on display, from cookbooks to thrillers to the science fiction and fantasy end of the spectrum. Authors in attendance other than me were Cynthia Leavelle, Melanie Atkins, Glen Stripling, Luther Knight, J. Moffett Walker, and Jennifer Mulvihill. Jennifer was the organizer, coordinating with Karen Sims, the President of the Clinton Friends of the Library. Aside from the authors, there was the Editor/Publisher of a new magazine, Real Girl Magazine, aimed at Teen Girls. I confess when I learned the editor’s name was Elizabeth Bennett my first reaction was “Seriously?” Yes, syrsly. It’s her married name

Elizabeth Bennett

and yes, she takes some ribbing for it. You can check it out at Real Girl Magazine.

As part of the event, an all-volunteer musical group, The Clintones, put on a set of jazz and bluesy numbers and I have to say they were pretty good, and any glitches in the set order or occasional mic problems were met with patience and good humor.

All right, that’s for that. So how did it all go? About as well as could be expected. The ad that was supposed to run in the local paper before the event, didn’t, so hardly anyone knew about it. That and the weather kept a lot of library patrons away. Even so, I’d do it again. I sold a fair number of books, including all the extra copies I had of THE HEAVENLY FOX, I met the President of the Friends of the Library and may be doing a presentation to the group at some point down the road. I also slipped away from the signing to visit the library book sale which happened to be going on at the same time and scored a copy of WAY STATION by Clifford Simak, which has been on my to-read list for a while. I sold more books than I brought home new ones, so I consider that a win.

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  1. Having attended functions at this very library when still living in Raymond, Mississipi and then near Bentonia for a few months, I can say how pleased I am that you sold more books than you purchased! The Clintones are pretty good, I think. Any blues music is fine by me. Some of the names of the organizing group are vaguely familiar to me, which is no surprise. I grew up in SE Hinds Country in the Bear Creek Community. I had many friends among Mississippi College graduates.

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