Black Kath’s Daughter – Corporeal Edition

Canemill Publishing Edition

I was a little hesitant to take this step, but as has recently been emphasized to me, not everyone has joined the ebook revolution. Odd that an old print snob like me had to be reminded of this, yet there it is. So. Today I’m announcing that, yes, there will be a trade paper print edition of Black Kath’s Daughter. In fact, it’s already orderable through CreateSpace. The Amazon page should show up in a few days. If you’re one of those people who think Amazon is the root of all evil, you can also order it through your local indie bookstore or even a B&N. It’s a real book. It has ISBNs and everything:

ISBN: 0615594778

EAN13: 978-0615594774

Putting this edition together has been an experience. I mean, I’m glad I did it, I learned a lot, and I won’t swear that I won’t do it again (in truth, I’m pretty sure I will), but it did remind me of just how much I don’t want to be a publisher. Getting a book into print is a lot of work, but that’s the least of it. The big drag is time. I only have so much, and when I’m editing, formatting, designing a cover, and proofing, I’m not writing. If I’m not writing, then what’s the point of all that other stuff?

Anyway, book is published, and I’m writing a new story. The fabric of reality is still holding up. For now. And if there is anything else of mine that now only exists in phosphors that you would like to see get a print edition, let me know. I may not write to the market but I do take requests.

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  1. The witch’s daughter? The dragon’s daughter. The woodcutter’s lazy nephew? The shoemaker’s musical mother-in-law. Just some notions for stories that popped into this ol’ fairy tale loving head!

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