Rambling Status Update

Today’s post really is all about me, so fair warning. If you’re not in the mood for narcissist on parade, bail now.

The new Yamada story has gone through a couple of revision passes and was safe to hand over to First Reader. Likewise for the “Voodoo Christmas” story, which turned out well enough that it might be worth trying on places that do seasonal pieces. Regardless, everything gets at least one revision pass because, except for me who has no choice in the matter, nobody sees my first drafts, not even First Reader. They’re generally a mess, since I give myself permission to write awkward transitions, to ramble, to write things out-of-order, whatever it takes to get the story out. In revision, all those permissions are revoked, and the offenders will be ruthlessly hunted down. I’m still in the habit of printing out a hard copy once a story first draft is finished, so if there ever comes a time when anyone cares, they can read them after I’m dead. Maybe.

That catches up the short story projects, at least until First Reader reports back on the Yamada story. Once I’ve attended to that, it’s time to decide what’s next. At some point this year I’d like to get back to work on the sequel to Black Kath’s Daughter. At the end of BKD Marta had only found three Laws of Power, and there are four to go…well, four that she knows about. Up until BKD, all my novels had been stand-alones. The sequel definitely won’t be. While on the surface the only connection between The Long Look and BKD is the setting (500 years later) and the Power called Amaet, there’s more to it which will come out in the third book. Still, you can read BKD without reading  TLL and it’ll make sense. That probably won’t be true with the third. The working title is Power’s Shadow, but is of course subject to change.

Yesterday I got a clear reminder that the best advertising of all is a happy reader championing your work. Writers need champions. Probably because, when we do it ourselves, nobody really believes us. That’s sensible because, sure, what else would we say? Yet we have to do it anyway, since usually we’re the only ones who will. Though it is nice, every now and then, to be able to say “Don’t take MY word for it….”

In the last year I’ve done three signings, which is three more than I usually do. I don’t know if this is a blip or a trend, but time will tell. I’m actually in danger of running out of books. I’m still on track next year for a novel and a short story collection, so that should help. I’m also thinking of doing a print version of one other ebook this year. Just the one, though, so I have to decide which one. Right now I’m leaning toward A Warrior of Dreams. There are a couple of pending reader reactions, so I’ll make up my mind when the votes are in.

That is all.

4 thoughts on “Rambling Status Update

  1. Really, really, REALLY hope you will have time to get back to the sequel to Black Kath’s Daughter! I always enjoy the way you share the busy details of your published author’s life. I can see you really rely on First Reader,which I have found someone to be for me in the summer. I always get new and/ormore finely tune practical tips to use in my own writing life at your blog here. Thank you!

  2. As a (GASP!) new interested reader who wants to (oh horrors!) Buy some of your work, I’m dealing with a bit of frustration.
    Having found your “Fox Tails” in the Eric Flint anthology, “The Dragon Done It.” I’m very interested in reading more of your Japanese Gumshoe.

    Unfortunately, Barns and Noble was not carrying any of your titles, and I have not been able, from your webpage, to determine which of your books are collections or a novel of that character.

    Other web research has availed me not, and I’m hoping an appeal to the source will give me direction.

    One might suggest that in your bibliography, a grouping of those stories and where they are to be found might help. Just a thought.

    Also, Andre Norton was my favorite first also. She first made SF come alive.


    • Hi, Scott, and thanks for asking. The Lord Yamada stories haven’t been properly collected yet. This https://richard-parks.com/2011/12/29/as-the-old-year-comes-to-its-end-we-skip-waay-ahead/ will give you a rundown of what the plans and schedules are for the collection and the novel. You still won’t find either of them at B&N, but they’ll be orderable from Amazon or directly from the respective publishers once they’re available. I’ll of course note it here at the blog when that happens.

      If you want to read more of them in the meantime, your best bet is to go to http://www.beneath-ceaseless-skies.com/toc.php?s=19. More Yamada stories have appeared here first than anywhere else, and they’re all still available online. That link will take you to the first one they did, “The Mansion of Bones,” but a quick search on “Yamada” at the site would lead you to the rest. The collection, naturally, will have all these plus at least a couple that haven’t appeared anywhere.

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