Favorite Li(n)es

We all have them. Some of them we didn’t even write. Since my brain is otherwise locked up at the moment, I’m putting a couple of my favorites up here instead of, you know, writing something. Both of today’s lines come from one of my all-time favorite writers, Parke Godwin. The first one needs a little context, so know that it was spoken by Guenivere in Beloved Exile after learning of the death of a romantic rival.

“Later I heard she died of the plague. God is good. Sometimes he’s an absolute dear.”

The second is from “Influencing the Hell out of Time and Theresa Golowitz” and needs no context at all.

“Dead one day, and already I need a lawyer.”

While I realize that any single line or small phrase separated from its context is never going to have the same impact, these are two that, anytime I think of them, always make me smile.

And I think I will throw in one more from another of my most favorite writers. This is from Peter Beagle’s The Last Unicorn.

“No cat out of its first fur can ever be fooled by appearances. Unlike human beings, who seem to enjoy it.”

Anyone else have a favorite line? Anyone who doesn’t? (I would need that latter explained to me).

3 thoughts on “Favorite Li(n)es

  1. During this terrible and ridiculous 2012 election cycle, I cannot but help but think of “It was the best of times; and it was the worst of times.” Sorry to be mundane, but this line has been ringing often in my head lately!

  2. Two from pulpy movies…

    “Who am I?”
    – Clark Kent in 1978’s “Superman”

    “What is it that makes a man a man?”
    – Professor Broom in “Hellboy”

    • I think my favorite from Hellboy was Hellboy talking across the veil. “Let her go, because for her I’ll cross over. And then you’ll be sorry.”

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