Scenes From a Marriage #7

Sitting with Mrs. Ogre in a local fast food restaurant having sort of breakfast before starting a busy busy day. A group of cyclists had walked by (or I had walked by them while bringing out the food, the record is murky) and I overheard a snippet of conversation about how to identify birds “The females are easy to spot. They’re ugly.” (Note that this was a female cyclist talking). Well, I disagreed with that statement. Female birds are not ugly, they’re inconspicuous and with good reason. I tried to mention as much to Mrs. Ogre.

Me: “When that cyclist said that female birds were ugly…”
She: (interrupting) “What cyclists?”
Me: “There was a group. They walked by a minute before.”
She: “I didn’t see them.”
Me: “Well, they were there.”
She: “How did you know they were cyclists?”
Me: “They were wearing those funny bicycle pants.”
She: “Did they ride up on their bicycles?”
Me: “No, they were in the van that pulled in before us. Their bikes were strapped on the back.”
She: “I didn’t see that. Are you sure you’re not imagining them? Sometimes you have converations in your head (guilty) and forget what part’s real (not guilty).”
Me: “They were there. I promise.”
She: “Are you sure?”
Me: “Yes.”
She: “Ok. What about them?”
Me: “Never mind.”

No wonder our marriage has lasted. It really is all about communication.