I’m Calling This a PSA. Humor Me.

Yamada_DH_FinalCover_smlFunny thing. While the official publication date of Yamada Monogatari: Demon Hunter was and is February 6th, it seems the physical book is available sort of…now-ish. I’ve checked, and both Amazon and Barnes & Noble list it in stock. It also is/will be available at some brick and mortar B&N, though don’t ask me which ones, and the Nook ebook edition is already listed. I’m sure the Kindle will follow shortly. So all you people who don’t like to do the pre-order thing? No excuses. The book’s ready when you are.

So it’s not official, but it is real. And now it’s that emotionally difficult time for me known as “launch time” when I’m simultaneously proud, excited, and terrified. New Book. Every writer should get to experience this at least once. Preferably lots of times, but at least once. There’s just no other feeling in the world quite like it.

As for the book itself, I like it, but feel free to tell me what you think. Don’t worry (if you were)–my ego has been worked over by experts. Nothing left but scar tissue, so I’m up for it.

7 thoughts on “I’m Calling This a PSA. Humor Me.

  1. Found out about the book last night though Charles de Lint’s Mythic Cafe thread of Facebook – downloaded it and stayed up until 2am reading. Love Yamamoto and Kenji – the stories themselves remind me of Kai Lung, but obviously updated to a more modern writing style. I’m all the way up to Sanji’s Demon and trying to decide if I want to gobble up the rest of the stories this morning or save the last 3 for this evening. When will there be a sequel AND is there anything else written in this style and time period?

    • Sorry I cost you some sleep, but I’m glad you’re liking the book.

      There are a few more uncollected Yamada stories up at BCS, as well as a Chinese ghost fantasy, “In the Palace of the Jade Lion,” in something like the same vein. I’m not sure about a sequel but there will be a complete Yamada novel probably later this year, starting from the events of “Moon Viewing at Shijo Bridge” and covering the rest of that particular story arc. There was a lot more to it.

  2. I stumbled across the book today at B&N while looking through the sci-fi section. I have never heard of the author or the book. I’m the type of reader that knows what I’m buying when I buy it. I decided to take a chance on this book however because it deals with Japanese folklore and is a period piece that seemes intricately researched. I will post again after finishing but so far I have no regrets in taking a chance.

  3. No sooner did I write that when it walked in the door. Apparently I had it delivered to my office. I think I have read one of two from Realms of Fantasy, but none from the Beneath Ceaseless Skies. I also appreciate the glossary of terms. I look forward to reading it.

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