Meet the Boyz


Sterling and Sheffield

Meet the Boyz: The one on the left with the white streak on his nose is Sterling, and his big brother is Sheffield.We can only tell them apart so far from the fact that Sterling has both that one white streak on his nose and a white patch on his butt. Long story short–we paid a visit to MARL (Mississippi Animal Rescue League) and found these two guys who’d been given up by their owners for reasons I can hardly imagine. Regardless, Carol fell in  love with them and that was that. Despite their size, they’re still kittens at about 10 1/2 months old. After appropriate surgeries (sorry, guys) we brought them home and they had their first regular vet visit today. We had not planned on acquiring new cats so soon after the loss of Summer. So why were we at MARL in the first place? Wasn’t that asking for trouble? Yes. It was. But all I can say to that is…just look at those two. Honestly. What else could we have done?