Everything Happens All at Once Slowly

Snow-Jan-2014To Break the Demon Gate proceeds to manifest. One thing most everyone agrees on as to the nature of the traditional publishing paradigm is that everything happens at a pace somewhere between “Don’t Hold Your Breath” and “It’ll Possibly Happen in Your Lifetime.” The exception, of course, is when it comes time to check a copyedit or sign off on a proof. That always had to happen yesterday, or possibly the day before.

I don’t know exactly where we are in the process. So far as I know, we’re still on track for the PS Publishing edition to come out next month. It’ll be close, but still that’s the plan. The cover art is done and approved. The text has been copyedited and proofed. I’ve supplied bio, cover copy, and (gag) author picture. There may or may not be a signed edition. Right now I just don’t know. That was the original plan, but time may argue against it. Since the Prime Books reprint is already set for December, any more delays are not to anyone’s advantage. Still, publishing is like that.

I’ve always been a big believer in traditional publishing, and I still am. I sell a lot more books and get a lot more readers when I go through regular channels rather than when I go it alone. That said, it’s good to have options. I try to be selective about what I do on my own, mostly the kind of stuff that I enjoy but isn’t terribly commercial. I keep my expectations low and I’m rarely disappointed, but It does, however, have the advantage of not driving me loopy.

Waiting tends to do that.

3 thoughts on “Everything Happens All at Once Slowly

  1. I got a bit loopy waiting for _Demon Gate_ and re-read _Yamada Monogatari_. 🙂 Just as much fun as the first time.

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