An Announcement. An Experiment.

Bkack Kath's Daughter-2It’s like this–recently my “discretionary” time has taken a hit. I don’t expect this to change much before the end of the year. At which time it will get better or it will get much worse. At the moment I do not know which. Sorry to be vaguer than usual, but it’s nothing I can get too specific about at this time. The upshot of it all is that I have to be even more selective than normal about what projects I can work on.

Which brings me to the subject of Power’s Shadow. This is the sequel to Black Kath’s Daughter, and the projected third book in the Laws of Power series. I know there’s some interest in the book but finishing it this year is going to take time I may or may not have. So here is what I propose–I’m going to be serializing the book here on the website, one section a week starting tomorrow. Since my chapters usually fall within 3-4 thousand words, I’ll probably break each chapter into 2 sections, clearly labeled. Those of you who want to read it without waiting forever for me will get the chance to do so here. I will continue to put up new material as written for as long as there’s any interest. If I determine there isn’t any, then no problem. I’ve got plenty of other projects that I could be working on. Otherwise I will continue this until the book is finished, at which point I’ll create an eBook version for those who don’t want to track down dozens of separate web posts.

Yes, I’m asking you all to help me set my priorities. No matter how weird that may sound to you it sounds a lot weirder to me. This is something I’ve never, ever done before in my entire writing life. I can hardly believe I’m doing it now. Still, it’s good to try new things. We’ll call this one an experiment.

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