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YMBreaktheGate_5.5 x 8.5_V01

You’re looking at what is probably the final cover for the Prime Books edition of  Yamada Monogatari: To Break the Demon Gate, barring any last minute tweaks. The original–and still official–publication date is December 3rd, but there’s a chance that will be moved up to mid- November. I’ll let everyone know once I know. I still have some hope that the PS limited edition will be out before then, but right now it’s anybody’s guess.  The third Yamada book, The War God’s Son is scheduled for mid 2015. I expect at least one more Yamada novel after that, though of course to some degree that depends on the next two.

Power’s Shadow continues to progress. I crossed the 40k threshold last week, so it’s officially a novel by SFWA standards. The story should wrap up at 60-65k words, maybe 70k at the outside. As of now I have no plans to discontinue the serial, so as long as I can stay ahead on the installments, I’ll keep posting them until the book is done. If I finish ahead of the installments, though, I’ll likely put the ebook edition out rather than waiting to catch up. That’s just theoretical, and probably far too optimistic. As with life itself, we’ll see what happens next.

2 thoughts on “Updates–Because Things Happen

  1. The cover is beautiful – I can’t wait to buy and read – as I’ve about completed your entire backlist on kindle – would of course prefer the kindle version… but the cover is exquisite. Very glad to know you are not going to stop posting Power’s Shadow, but I promise I’ll buy and read the kindle edition as soon as it’s available (not that one reader matters I’m sure….)

    • Every reader matters, Megan. One snowflake may not make an avalanche, but try having an avalanche without them. 🙂

      The kindle version should be out about the same time as the print. There may have been a time when publishers liked to wait between the editions, but I think most of them have figured out that this is a bad idea.

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