It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

Yamada_BTG_cover-V06b-PrimeHolidays. They’re what’s for…something, I don’t know. I was so confused that I posted the next installment of Power’s Shadow on Friday rather than today, where most people missed it. No worries, it’s still there, one post back in time from this one. Time travel—it’s what’s for breakfast.

There’s a variation on an old saying first attributed to Ian Maclaren, and it more or less goes like this—“Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” In that sense we all comrades in arms, without the benefit of spiffy uniforms, commissary, or a decent MASH unit. On our own, maybe, but it never hurts to remember that you’re not really alone. If security is an illusion, then so is our separation from each other. Once you realize that, maybe the war won’t be quite as tough. It’s something I like to remind myself of now and again. During and just after the holidays, I’ve found, is a good time to do it.

Early indications are that Yamada Monogatari: To Break the Demom Gate, is selling at least as well and maybe a little better than YM:DH, and doing so without any buzz or substantive reviews, so that’s something to be grateful for. The third volume, Yamada Monogatari: The War God’s Son, will likely be coming out in September of this year (started to say “Next Year,” but that’s now “This Year.” (“Time’s a trip, Man.” – Captain Cloud, and kudos to anyone who gets the reference). Assuming that one does okay, there should be one more YM book, at least. Isn’t written yet, but I’m thinking about it. If/when it’s done it will complete the first story arc for Yamada. After that we’ll just have to see. In the meantime I still have a test to study for and another book already begun yet to finish. My year’s cut out for me.

4 thoughts on “It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over

  1. I have to tell you, I’m so happy to see another Yamada book will be in the works and I’m only a few pages in. I just got back from the book store where I was grabbing the tenth book in the Wheel of Time series. I passed by the New Science Fiction section and saw your book. I’ve never read anything else written by you before, but the cover stopped me. I was a huge Samurai Jack fan growing up and the image reminded me of that show. The description alone convinced me to buy the book on the spot. I’m putting my journey through the Wheel of Time series on hold to read this now. Thank you for this work!

  2. Wishing you a magical 2015 filled with writing – hopefully this is the year the movie options appear for your work!!! I’m quite sure you are one of the finest writers of our age….

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