Home Again

IMG_0402Three days on the road with two energetic cats and we’re home. I apparently picked up an allergy of some sort in Bowling Green, KY. Which is a shame, really, since I’ve always liked Bowling Green. Never had an allergic reaction like this before. I hope whatever triggered it is a rare thing, only to be found in Bowling Green, since I’m not likely to be back there any time soon, or ever.

There’s a lot to do in the new house, but we knew that. The boys are exploring. One has already discovered the radiator covers, which are probably about as close to the perfect cat bed ever invented. There are also chipmunks and fat squirrels loitering on the hillside, The boys can’t wait until the cat doors are installed. Personally, I can.

After we finish cleaning, the next step is for the movers to arrive and pile boxes everywhere. I’m not sure what a normal life is or if we’ll have one, but I do know the next few months are going to be interesting.