Still Waiting

View from Rte 167

View from Rte 167

To be fair, the movers said they’d be here Saturday and they were. The catch was that they’d brought our stuff in the biggest monster rig that they possessed. Our stuff is not a monster load, nor is this a monster street. It is a narrow, village-y kind of street. Law says they can’t block the street. Truck was blocking the street by default. They needed to move truck to neutral space, find smaller truck, reload and shuttle. Only they couldn’t, since it was Saturday and the shuttle truck needed official approval, and it was Saturday, so no officials available for said approval….

You get the idea. Load had to go back to Schenectady. They will attempt delivery this morning. We hope.

I have things to do, and yet my entire life has been on hold for several months, First it was getting the old house ready to sell, then getting the new house ready to move into (or at least things that needed doing before moving was possible), then going back to finish packing for the movers, making the trip, waiting on the movers who have things we need for the next steps….

Almost there. Not there. Almost.

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  1. Understand – we’re building and moving to Roatan (an island belonging to Honduras in the middle of the Caribbean Sea) and so far we are 2 years into the process…. everything comes by boat which takes weeks to months and at the whim of customs can be either released or held months more for some document or approval from Tegucigalpa…so really it could be much more challenging. From my perspective a 2-3 day delay sounds like dream delivery…. Interestingly on the island, merchants will also sell you something that is “in stock” but somewhere in reality on the mainland…and the process starts over again 🙂

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