Another Fine Mess

New OfficeMy new office. Or it will be once I figure out what boxes go in the attic and what needs to be unpacked and what sort of physical storage object type thing they need to be unpacked into, and well, you get the idea. Our stuff was delivered (mostly) intact. Which means it all has to be sorted out and placed where it can be most useful. Some of it will likely fall into the “Why did I think I needed this?” category and be purged or stored.

One thing I haven’t talked about too much because it’s both serious and embarrassing: almost literally the day before the movers were set to pick up our stuff so we could hit the road for Upstate, my hard drive died. Shouldn’t have been a problem. I keep backups. Only 1) Primary backup proved almost useless and 2) Secondary backup I managed to lose in the move. I don’t know how I managed it, but I did. I was looking at the almost complete loss of all my working files, including my story inventory and the work to date on The Emperor in Shadow. Fortunately I also had a third backup, not quite as up to date as the first two, but I was able to recover my story inventory. I still have some hope of recovering the working fileas on TEIS too, but it’ll be a few days before I can know that one way or another. It could happen, but if not I’m looking at starting over. Sigh.

Wouldn’t be the first time.

2 thoughts on “Another Fine Mess

  1. If a lot of what you saved was on your mail postings to the group, I still have them. I refused to read it until the book came out (:-) )

  2. That’s better than nothing.

    Also in the chaos of moving and so on, no matter how well planned and organized things go into hiding. You may well find the other missing things as well.

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