See You on the Other Side

It’s that time of year again, full of holidays. For those observing Christmas, it’s either the most “Wonderful Time of the Year” or an entire month of almost unendurable stress. Sometimes both, in which case, good luck. One thing it definitely is?


We’re all affected, whether we want to be or not. we’re all in it together.

So for those barely holding on, I hear you. For those looking forward to everything and to those just wishing that maybe, this year, it won’t be a complete disaster? I know how you feel in both instances. How about those who can’t wait to be with their families and for those who can’t wait for a good excuse not to visit or be visited? Only you know which is valid for you.  For those who can’t wait for it get here and for those who can’t wait for it to be over? Virtual hugs to both and all.

Soon the old year will be gone and a new one begun. Maybe we’ll do a better job this time around. Maybe we’ll barely survive. “Barely” counts. Big time. Regardless, a new year is a new beginning. Yes, I know. When we begin or end a year is an artificial construct. Sort of a story we tell ourselves and we all agree to for convenience if nothing else. Doesn’t make it any less real. And, as the Zen philosophers say, “It’s always the first time.” Take it fresh, whatever you do.

Here’s to the good fight in the old year, and a better year ahead.

See you on the other side.

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