Brief Commercial Announcement

Right now I need to be working on my last piece of flash fiction for the year (and about a dozen other things), but I’m leaving a quick note just so no one can say I didn’t tell anybody: I’m doing a countdown deal on the ebook  of Ghost Trouble: The Casefiles of Eli Mothersbaugh. The price will be  $.99 for another two days, then up to $1.99 before it returns to its regular price. Anyone interested in a paranormal detective with as many human troubles as the ghostly sort, here’s a cheap way to try it.

I now return you to your regular non-self-promotional  silence until next time.

2 thoughts on “Brief Commercial Announcement

  1. Darn.. I’d already purchased. While I used to prefer print.. still have bookcases full of paperbacks in the cellar.. I’ve gone over to the electron side.
    I do hope that enough real print science and engineering works are around so that come the next dark age, Canticle For Leibowitz or otherwise, our survivors get a hand up.

  2. I personally prefer print books, and have generally only gotten the e-versions of yours when a print version wasn’t available. In the instance, I already have the print version, so I think I’ll pass. But if a recommendation is any help, I really enjoyed the book, and I’m sure anyone who does take up your offer will, too.

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